Our Staff:

Staff Longevity

     We are proud to acknowledge that many of our staff (over half) have been a part of the VA Neighborhood Child Care Center for five or more years. Twenty-five percent of our staff have been with the center over twenty years!

Education & Training

     All of our staff either hold or are working towards a Bachelor's Degree and are educated and/or experienced in early childhood education or child development. Staff must pass the MN Department of Human Services-Licensing Background Check as well as establish and maintain training in pediatric first aid, CPR, mandated reporting, OSHA, Shaken Baby Syndrome, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and topics relevant to early childhood development, research, and practice.

Kittens - Young Infant

Annette Vernon

Doris Nelson

Annika Edblom

Lambs - Older Infant

Nancy Rundell

Siri Lachmansingh

Ruth Birch

Penguins - Middle Preschool

Emily Hines

Stephanie Moss

Pheasants - Young Preschool

Denita Cinchy

Lydia Miller

Kangaroos - Older Toddler

Heidi Rodgers

Shauna Konecny

Amy Hoops

Pandas - Young Toddler

Mara Jacobson

Teresa Kulseth

Jennifer Reid



Julie Lindgren - Executive Director

Maria Skoog - Assistant Director

Float Staff

Dean Wright

Polar Bears - Older Preschool

Pam Clarke

Amber Miller

Jordan Gregerson